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GEOIDE Project presentations related to activities of the SPARCS Lab can be found here: GEOIDE_REPORT_06


Risk  analysis for ship navigation :
Priyadarshi Bhattachariya
CPSC M.Sc. (in progress)
Computational Geometry Methods for risk analysis in ship navigation
Link to preliminary report Priyadarshi_Report_06.
Andrew Hoang
CPSC B. Sc. student
Development of Autocorrelation Software Based on Weighted Distance metrics for Heard Disease Analysis

Link to Software Documentation

Data structures and visualization :
Russel Apu, CPSC
M.Sc. Thesis (completed)

Ph.D.  in progress

Adaptive Mesh Generation for Terrain Modeling and Other Applications
Lakin Wecker, CPSC
M. Sc (in progress)
Multi-resolution approach to terrain hole fixing

Social and Health Studies :

Kim Kyoung-Jin (Andy)
MGIS (in progress)
Accessibility of Health Care Facilities
Shahid, Rizwan
MGIS (in progress)
Geographically Weighted Regression in Health


Traffic modeling and navigation :

Paul Tarjan
B. Sc. Student
Traffic modeling and navigation in the automated road network

Link to Project Web Site

Russel Apu, CPSC
Ph.D. (in progress)
Adaptive memory subdivision for strategic motion planning and navigation
April Jensen,  CPSC
NSERC USRA B. Sc. student

Pattern analysis of ship navigation routes using lines and points Voronoi diagram based methodology