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About SPARCS Lab
Spatial Analysis and Research in Computational Science

The SPARCS laboratory originated in 2004 as a collaborative effort between Department of Geography and Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary. The laboratory  is mainly supported by GEOIDE Canadian Network of Excellence, with additional support from sponsors in Academia and Industry.


Currently, SPARCS Lab hosts seven graduate and four undergraduate students, working on a variety of projects ranging from applied to theoretical and including autocorrelation analysis, spatial statistics, computational geometry, computer graphics and data mining. International exchange students and visiting researchers are also part of our everyday activities.  


Please visit our About Calgary web site to learn more about our majestic city

 For more information, please Contact us


For Computer Science Program, please contact Prof. Marina Gavrilova:

E-mail: marina@cpsc.ucalgary.ca

For Geography Program,  please contact Prof. Stefania Bertazzon:

E-mail: bertazzs@ucalgary.ca